Hotel Beach, a family run hotel in Tortoreto

Franco is the younger son, graduated in hotel management, he deals with business management in tourism. He speaks English and German and he's fond of sailing. You can meet him at the fairs of tourism in Milan. Do not hesitate to get in touch with him for any request!

Ms Irma is the mother and the chef of the Beach Hotel. Thanks to her long experience and great passion for the cooking, she prepares delicious menu based on the traditional cuisine. You will certainly relish her dishes!

Mr Lino is the father and the owner of the Beach Hotel. He was a master mason and he built himself the Hotel.
Now he looks after the purchases but he loves spending his spare time amusing his guests by his fancy.

Angela is the elder dauther; she is the front desk manager and she looks after the restaurant too.
She loves travelling and good food. She is interested in popular traditions and she is always looking for new delicious recipes.

We devote all our experience  to making our guest's stay a comfortable and pleasant one in Tortoreto. We are sure you will not easily forget this wonderful sea-town set in a green region: Abruzzo (the green, strong and gentle Abruzzo).

"Come and see us , we shall be happy to entertain you for a drink and guide you through the beauty of our resort."

See you soon!