Tortoreto is a lovely and quite village, located on the North Coast of the Abruzzo Region. The East side overlooks the beautiful Adriatic  Sea.

The West side is framed by beautiful green hills and small picturesque villages like Corropoli, Sant’Omero and Mosciano Sant’Angelo.

The name Tortoreto derives from the Latin "Turturetum", which means "place with many doves".

Tortoreto is divided in two different parts: the old and the modern town.

The medieval village,  known as Tortoreto Alto, lies on the top of the hill,  and it is about  240 meters above sea level.

Among its architectural wonders there is the Church of Our Madonna of Mercy, a small gem  built in 1348 as an act of thanksgiving to the Virgin for helping people to escape from the epidemic of plague that was raging at that time throughout the peninsula. Here you can admire the very beautiful Renaissance frescoes by Giacomo Bonfini depicting scenes of the Merciful Virgin life and some episodes of Christ's life, from the Nativity to the Crucifixion.